Polystyrene Balls

Polystyrene balls refer to tiny molecules of polymers infused with air to increase their size. These balls are often joined together to form lightweight foams or boards used in packaging food, electronic gadgets, disposables and other products. They can also be used as insulation in large buildings as well as in bean bags and chairs. Some toys also have these polybeads which are made from petroleum byproducts through distillation and refining. These balls are very useful, particularly in providing packaging due to their lightweight nature. Some are infused with air mass bigger than the polymer to increase size making polystyrene very durable and sometime reusable depending on the shape and size.

Uses of Polystyrene balls

Small businesses and distribution centres will find polybeads very useful as a component of packaging. Polybead products are also affordable forms of packaging.  From electrical gadgets and appliances to some food items, cups and plate disposables among many other products, polybeads allow incredible flexibility. Polystyrene balls are the beginning of moulded polystyrene blocks to form large and thick boards that perform and absorb vibration in packaging for several products that are made from materials such as glass and pottery.  Polybeads moulded for specific items will however only fit such products which is designed as bespoke packaging.

Why is packaging important?

The lightweight nature reduces transportation/distribution efforts and any weight-related expense. When compared to other forms of packaging, polybeads are very convenient and cost-effective.

What are Polystyrene balls made of?

The raw products needed to make polystyrene balls are a by product of petroleum.  Polystyrene is a long molecular chain of hydrocarbon wherein alternating carbon centres are attached to chemical property group producing the formula or (C8H8)n.  Small businesses and distributors can therefore rely on this form of packaging to be available for ages and in abundance.

How to buy Polystyrene balls

We supply any quantity of polystyrene balls and of any size sphere. Contact us direct for your packaging solutions.