Custom Polystyrene Letters

Custom made polystyrene letters have various uses in businesses and organisations. The most common being to promote certain events, for example: a sale, parents evenings, a new product or simple displays). Robust and affordable, die cut lettering is an exemplary product suited to polystyrene composition.

Here at TigerPak, we supply custom made polystyrene letters to suit you. You choose the size, shape and design and we’ll do the rest.

Here are just some exciting ways you can use lettering to help market and display and maximise merchandising.

Build A Catch Phrase

Shop fronts are still a prominent feature of today’s retail market. Eye catching displays can increase the footfall to your store and whether your business is a card shop or jewellery retailer, you can utilise polystyrene letters or numbers to inject some visual rapport with retail shoppers.

Shout About Your Sale!

One of the biggest highlights of both consumers and a retailers consumer strategy. Sale is a four letter word that speaks volumes and a worthwhile product investment. Consumers are drawn to this word and will instantly convert to exploring your shop inside. No size too large, the bigger the better.

See size requirements here

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-large


Studies show that an average consumer needs to register a brand by sight or sound by about 5 times before they make a decision about the related product. Polystyrene signage is the most versatile product you could invest in. It can be hung from a ceiling, positioned on a wall in an array of blocks, die cutting designs and heights and weights.

Event and Exhibitions

Build up a display with your brand or use it as part of your stand branding.

Below is an example of a polystyrene stone wall that we custom made for one of our customers, they then decorated it.

PTDC0035    stone wall

Numbers and Punctuation

Purchase 1 to 9 and use these to celebrate countdowns and anniversary's for your business, using this to help drive your marketing awareness.


Impressions of your brand and how it is conveyed to your target market can be channelled into your marketing strategy. Companies in some industries, use giant lettering to make a photograph a statement piece and engage with their buyers or consumers through other media.

About Purchasing Polystyrene Lettering from TigerPak


In most cases we offer a free design service for lettering, however we would need some measurements as they are required in order for the machinery to perform the cutting. We will happily help you with some recommended sizes that could be suitable to your retail needs.


Once we have the correct specification of your lettering design, we will send you a written quote.

Supply & Delivery

Turn around times are subject to requirements and a range of delivery charges apply. If you need your order within a short turn around, we will do our best to accommodate.