Polystyrene Packaging Suppliers Keep Business Moving Ahead

Polystyrene: A material consumers overlook and sellers are dependant on.


Choosing a credible polystyrene packaging supplier is important when selling packaged or delivered goods. Compromising quality over cost can sometimes cause detrimental affects on businesses as the amount of returns due to various damages can prove costly for any business.

Welcome to Tigerpak: the UK polystyrene packaging suppliers you can trust serving a wealth of satisfied customers everyday with high quality, cost effective polystyrene packaging supplies.

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Polystyrene Packaging: A brief history

As imaginable, polystyrene packing has come into mass use over recent years as the selling of delicate electronics has rocketed with the rise of the internet and new media technologies. It comes as no surprise to learn how polystyrene suppliers became widely sourced as the need to protect valuable electronic deliveries became imperative.


Surprisingly for some, polystyrene was in actual fact discovered back in 1839 by Eduard Simon, a German Apothecary.


Though discovered, it wasn’t until the 1930’s when polystyrene supplies were commercially manufactured by German comapany I.G Farben.


Prior to the second world war (1937), polystyrene suppliers became important in the U.S as the material was used in many products including radio transmitters, altimeters, homing devices,direction finders, receivers, radar housings and various other pieces of military equipment.

Today, polystyrene is a widely used material appreciated for it’s insulation features alongside safe packaging features.

Why Choose Tigerpak?

tiger-logo-1-(1)Here at Tigerpak, we’re your leading polystyrene packaging supplier delivering a range of packaging solutions to a range of national business institutions.

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What makes us different?

Among many things, Tigerpak are your polystyrene packaging suppliers delivering quality packaging supplies in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not only that: as your leading polystyrene packaging suppliers, we’re also able to specifically measure all packaging supplies to suit your specific needs providing precision cutting technology with the use of state of the art machinery which ensures precision, neatness and, most importantly: customer satisfaction.

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