General Packaging

Here at Tigerpak we offer an extensive range of general packaging supplies to suit all your packaging needs.

packaging With the increase in online sales and shipping the demand for cost-efficient, damage-preventing packaging becomes greater. With this in mind, it’s important to us here at Tigerpak to ensure our range of packaging supplies are fit for purpose which is why we offer shapes and sizes made to order.

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Display Cases

Bespoke display cases, designed to your specification.

Single Wall and Double Wall Cartons

Ideal for packaging, transporting and storing a wide range of products. Our cartons are made with a craft paper outer to give greater strength. All our cartons are available in either plain or printed.

Pallet Boxes

Designed for heavy items. A strong reliable protective means of shipping.

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Corrugated Rolls

Single faced corrugated wrap provides an extra level of firm protection for your items that require additional stability during transit.

Adhesive Tapes

General Packaging Tapes

The most common tape used for packaging and carton closure. Available in plain or printed.

Cloth Tapes

Ideal cloth tape for sealed unit edging, temporary cable fixing, polyester jointing and many other fixing and repairing jobs.

Masking Tape

A mid to low tack masking tape.

Low Tack Tape

Ideal use for protecting aluminium and UPVC.

Bubble Wrap

Small Bubble Wrap

Smaller bubble – the roll goes further – perfect for protecting valuable items whilst in transit.

Large Bubble

Larger bubbles – better for filling a larger space and perfect for protecting larger items in transit.

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags provide the ideal way to protect from marring, scratching, and corrosion while in transit or storage.

Polypropylene and Steel Strapping

Polypropylene Strapping

Easier, safer and less expensive to use. Machine grade polypropylene strapping works with all table top strapping machines.

Steel Strapping

High tensile steal strapping is manufactured for optimum results in every application.

Polythene Products

Hand Stretch Film

Stretch wrap is a good industrial product for wrapping pallets.

Machine Stretch Film

A high performance film designed for Semi or Fully Automatic Pre-stretch Pallet Wrappers. Cost efficient, it greatly increases film economy and delivers exceptional long-term savings for your company.

Polythene Bags
Polythene bags, available in various gauges, plain or printed.

Polythene Rolls
Ideal for protection in storage or transit.