Adhesive Tapes

Here at Tigerpak we supply an extensive range of high quality packaging tapes suiting a range of purposes. From general packaging tapes to masking tape, we supply the range to suit our customers specific, individual needs.

General Packaging Tapes

General packaging tape is the most common tape used for packaging and carton closure. As many aware, this particular tape type is the most cost-effective on the market for securing your parcels and boxes. Here at Tigerpak, our general packaging tapes are available both plain or printed, dependant on customer requirements.

Cloth Tapes

Our cloth packaging tape selection is ideal for sealed unit edging, temporary cable fixing, polyester jointing and many other fixing and repairing jobs. Adjacent to this, the cloth tape range supplied here at Tigerpak offer durability and longevity to ensure security.

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Masking Tape

Our multi-use masking tape, available in a range of widths proves useful in the packaging industry with it’s easy-tear qualities and easy release, pressure sensitivity.

Low Tack Tape

Our low tack tapes are predominantly used for protecting aluminium and UPVC. Among many, the main benefits of low tack adhesive tape is it sticks well to items while allowing easy removal with little to no residue being left on a surface.

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