Bubble Wrap

Here at Tigerpak, our range of bubble wrap available extend between smaller and larger bubble wrap sizes to suit all your packaging needs. For information, queries and advice contact us now via phone: 01942 234038 or, alternatively via email on: info@tigerpak.co.uk

Read below for information on our bubble wrap products…

Small Bubble

The smaller the bubble; the further the roll goes. Smaller bubble wrap is useful for protecting a wide range of delicate, valuable items during transit and transportation.

Large Bubble

Larger bubbles are better for filling larger spaces and preventing the damage of  larger items during transit.

Bubble Bags

Bubble bags provide the ideal way to protect from marring, scratching and corrosion while in transit or storage.

Contact Tigerpak now for more information on our wide range of packaging supplies. From polystyrene of all shapes to bubble wraps in all sizes: and everything in between, here at Tigerpak, we supply an extensive range of products to suit all your packing and packaging needs. Call us now on 01942 234038!info@tigerpak.co.uk