Polystyrene & Foam

Expanded Polystyrene Products (EPS)

  • Corners
  • Blocks
  • Display
  • Profiled Pads
  • Cut Pads
  • Mouldings
  • Channels
  • Trays

The Benefits Of Buying Polystyrene Polyethylene Foam Products From Tigerpak

Polyethylene packaging is produced from sheet polyethylene in exactly the same way that our polystyrene packaging is produced; by moulding, hot-wire cutting and CNC profiling.

One of the most versatile of all the man made materials has to be polystyrene. Few realise this is actually a form of plastic and starts life as a liquid before it goes through a process that turns it into the tough, durable product we know so well today. As well as there being products made from it;disposable cups and plates etc, it is probably best known as a resilient packaging that protects delicate items in transit. It is used in numerous ways in this area and the following are just five of the products which are protected by polystyrene packaging.

High performance cushioning – Provides better protection using less material than many alternative packing solutions.

Reduced packaging costs – Less foam results in smaller packs. This, in turn, reduces material and transport costs as well as storage expenses.

Very resilient – Quick recovery from multiple compressions and impacts make it ideal for use in returnable material handling systems.

Products We Supply Polystyrene Foam For

Flat Pack Furniture

Since the self assemble furniture came to the market, flat pack is the most popular and cost effective way of buying furniture from B2C. Polystyrene is robust for furniture packaging and most important a space saver. Polystyrene can be made for any specification, density and thickness allowing small modular pieces to fit in with irregular sizes.

Electronics Appliances

No self respecting TV, Hi FI system or satellite box will be delivered to a customer without being protected inside its box with polystyrene. Items as expensive and fragile as these, especially televisions, need this packaging to keep them in one piece during the often rough shipping process.

Glassware & Crockery

Any product that has glass as part of its construction will have its fair share of polystyrene packaging. Our Expanded Polystyrene foam allows us to ensure your products no matter if its a set of wine glasses or pottery items, our CAD machines cut to size. There is no other packaging product that is more reliable than polystyrene.

View our “Expanded Polystyrene Products PDF here.